Our Coaches

Francisco Zambrano

My name is Francisco Zambrano, head coach and owner of FERZa CrossFit. My professional fitness training began when I was 21 year old at a local global gym. I served as a personal trainer to clients with an array of fitness goals, as well as unique challenges that come with meeting those goals. Gaining certifications endorsed by the National Association of Sports Medicine, and Sports Medicine Administration International, hands on experience with members and my personal fitness journey gave me the perfect tools guide individual to their fitness and health goals.

Like many of the individuals I coach, I too was once overweight, out of shape and unhealthy at 41% body fat and 245 lbs, I too had to evaluate my lifestyle and overcome my own challenges, a journey that I have successfully been on for 10 years. My training, experience and personal understanding of the challenges my clients were facing led me to CrossFit. I began my CrossFit journey by watching YouTube videos that walked me through each workout and its precise movements. I immediately became addicted. CrossFit trains my body and mind to function at its highest level at all times, in and out of the gym. I quickly decided to become CrossFit certified and began sharing this fitness revolution with anyone and everyone that had a passion for elite fitness. It is with great excitement that I welcome you to FERZa CrossFit Cherry Creek.


CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit olympic weightlifting.

Becca Bixler

I moved to Denver from Iowa almost 5 years ago to get my Masters in Social Work. I am a social worker at Craig Hospital but enjoy spending much of my extra time at FERZa coaching others and working out. I fell in love with CrossFit unwittingly when I started personal training with Francisco at a local gym. I was 200 lbs with 41% body fat and had only the desire to be healthy to keep me motivated. I reached my goal through CrossFit just over a year after beginning and continue to challenge myself to reach new goals within my sport. I then dedicated myself to learning everything I could, earned my certification, and now help others find their fitness. It’s been an amazing journey- I love the gym, the people, and how CrossFit changes lives. Whether I’m coaching or working out, I’ll be smiling and sweating right next to you.


CrossFit level 1 trainer.

Kristina Schermer

Originally from Louisville, Kentucky I came to Colorado with a love for the mountains and sports. Whether it be running, riding my road bike, cross fit, skiing or hiking there is hardly an activity I do not enjoy. But one of my favorites is to be on my mat practicing yoga…

I found in my yoga practice the opportunity to grow my physical strength, balance and flexibility. Like Crossfit yoga is Me Against Myself. The challenge is my willingness to let go and reap the benefits of the practice.

I received my 200 hour yoga certification in Costa Rica with an emphasis in Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, and Hot Yoga. In addition to teaching at Ferza, I teach yoga to the student athletes at Division two Colorado Christian University in Lakewood.

I am passionate about the benefits of yoga for every person (no matter what age and limitations) and its ability to stretch the fascia tissue making athletes more mobile, stronger and ultimately healthier. I find it important to understand and listen to your bodies limitations and be informed about what your body is capable of. I hope in class you find something new and are challenged.

Join me on Saturdays!

Wesley Hodges

I moved to Denver in May 2013 from Montgomery, Alabama with the intentions of chasing my dreams of starting a new life in an area I’ve always wanted to live in. I’m 25 years old and enjoy snowboarding, wakeboarding, hiking, camping, mountain biking, music, dancing, tattoos, and all in all making the most out of any situations. Did I mention I really do Love CrossFit? Anyways, I graduated Faulkner University of Montgomery, AL with a Bachelors of Science in Business Management. During my college career I became very interested in fitness while working at Wilkes Golf and Country Club. During that time a fellow co-worker/trainer introduced me to CrossFit. After dropping 40lbs of fat in just 2 months I then realized that CrossFit was my niche. I then took it upon myself to get Level 1 CrossFit certified in June 2010. From that point on I entered into many competitions. Competing finally showed me that I was good at something. The best competition finish was 6th out of 250 competitors at Embrace the Gauntlet. Soon after getting certified a fellow trainer and I established River Region CrossFit out of Millbrook, AL. We started out in an 800 square foot facility in December 2010 and by January 2012 we were blowing out the walls forcing us to relocate to a bigger facility that was around 3200 square feet. The move allowed us to have regular classes, on-ramp classes, nutrition clinics, Olympic lifting seminars, CrossFit kids, and more. After graduating in December 2011 I thought school was over until I re-enrolled at Alabama State University of Montgomery, AL in August 2012. There I completed 2 semesters following the guidelines for Physical Therapy. During that time I shadowed a physical therapist in an in-patient setting as well as an outpatient setting. Both of which were very interesting to the point of wanting to know more. After my second semester in April 2013 I finally got the chance to make the dream move from Alabama to Colorado. One of which I’m sure my family and friends all where thinking would never happen. When I left River Region CrossFit we had established a strong membership base with 175 members and growing. I also gained a better understanding of Olympic lifting fundamentals and techniques after I got certified in January 2013 with CrossFit Olympic lifting. Now that I have my base forming here in Denver I plan to get started back with Physical Therapy School in Spring 2014. Hopefully I will be able to grasp more knowledge through more CrossFit certifications as well in the near future. That pretty much sums it up for me, your coach, your friend. Remember, “Confidence is Key!”


CrossFit level 1
CrossFit Olympic lifting